Sowing Tomatoes

Sowed on Good Friday 21st March 2008-(ignore the date tag on the photos -I haven’t updated the date on my camera) in 4 little pots and placed in an airing cupboard- 

the following 3 pots germinated by Tuesday 25th March.

These are :

Gardeners delight cherry (brown round pot)

Incas Plum (black sqaure pot)

Sungold cherry (these are amazingly sweet)(orange round pot).


The Plum seeds started coming through Sunday – the seeds were good/newish. plum-4-days-old-2503.jpg

Sungold (these were old seeds – but my favourite as so sweet)


Gardeners delight (these are old seeds – I sowed quite a few)


 Moneymaker (old seeds). These were the slowest to germinate which was surprising as I know these are quite a well known easy variety to grow.


I’ve put these pots in the windowsill in the kitchen(which is south facing) – there isn’t much sun at the moment so I think they’ll be ok there. 


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25th March 08 -Purple Sprouting brocolli

This is supposed to be very tasty – however it has a very long growing season – usually sown April-July and harvested in January-March the following year. Which is why it’s not usually sold in supermarkets.

They are very hardy – which is why the plants survive the winter- and there won’t be as many pest problems – as the time these will be ready for harvest will be too cold for white catapillers etc. 

The only thing is these plants need alot of space – but this isn’t too much of a problem if grown on the allotment- I’m definately growing these as we eat loads of normal green brocolli/calabrese in our house -and this is supposed to be tastier.

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This year I’ve planted some standard white/yellow onions (Sturon) around mid Feb and Red onions (Karran) a week after the Sturon.

The two beds below with floorboards around them are where I have planted the onions.


I’ve also got a few shollots in the beds – which I haven’t grown before. 

Last year I planted the onions later and I feel with all the rain in the summer months -they didn’t get a chance to develop properly and rotted.

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The Kitchen gardener – New book

We had some ‘book sellers’ at work today – who were selling the new book by A.Titchmarsh called ‘The Kitchen Gardener’ at 1/2 price.

Bought the last copy – can’t wait to have a read.

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Broad Beans

Sowed these Broad bean seeds (saved from last years crop) in October 2007.

They were the Aquadulce Claudia variety.


Last years crop were better -I think these aren’t as good because these are from the seeds I saved ??

The section to the left of my BB’s is my father in laws part- he’s been growing veg for years, as you can tell from the way he’s dug his plot.

 Right-I’m off.

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Garlic so far


YEAH!! I did it – finally managed to upload a photo with the right dimensions – it’s coming together slowly.

 Anyway -This is my Garlic – I planted the cloves around Novemeber 2007.

As you can see there are weeds growing around – I haven’t had the time to weed around the garlic,  but they aren’t suffering so will leave it for now.

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Purple sprouting brocolli

what does this taste like -thinking of growing

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